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Mindset: The Psychology of Leadership Success

Creating well-being, focus and better relationships through insight and fresh thinking

Elm July 2018

Including the view from Wales and Northern Ireland, calls for Ofsted reform and ethics in leadership.
Motion #24
Mon, 2017

THAT Conference notes the publication of the latest Governance Handbook and the Competency Framework for Governance, both of which seek to drive more effective governance in schools in England, and values the contribution made by many governors who have growing demands made upon them, despite the

Motion #23
Mon, 2017

THAT Conference:

(a) acknowledges the extraordinary contribution of our best school and college leaders to the life chances of learners and the professional well-being and development of staff

Guides and advice

Leading in tough times: keeping ethics at the heart of your practice

Being an education leader has arguably never been tougher. The expectation for success is great, but so, too, is the potential to fail.

If you want to attract and retain teachers be more human and less corporate

Teachers are becoming gold dust, partly because there isn’t enough gold dust sprinkled into their pay packets to reward them for the job they do and the hours they work. 
Guides and advice

Leading to outstanding teaching and learning

This publication, which is part of our Outstanding Performance series, is full of useful tips, techniques and approaches based on research identifying successful practice in schools and colleges

It’s like coming home with a poor school report and the admonishment ‘must try harder’

One of AMiE's goals is to highlight what effective leadership looks like, to help raise the standard of leadership and management practice.

Government needs to give up the backseat driving

Politicians and practitioners ideally work together to take education on a shared journey so it doesn’t bode well that the two have significantly different views on the start point and what’s required to make it a successful trip.

The quality of courgettes

“What’s that got to do with the price of fish?” I think that’s what my mother used to say to me. There may be a new adage emerging though that’s got nothing to do with the price of fish and a lot to do with the quality of courgettes.