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Joint Statement Sixth Form College Teachers’ Pay for 2018-19

On Monday 9 July, the Staff Side met representatives of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, the colleges’ national body, to discuss sixth form college teachers’ pay from September 2018.

Joint letter to the Association of Colleges

The attached letter has been sent to the Association of Colleges in support of the FE Trade Union Side claim for a 5% increase on all pay points, with a minimum uplift of £1,500.

Sixth Form College teachers’ pay for September 2018

The joint Staff Side have submitted a claim for a 5 per cent pay increase for all teachers in sixth form colleges from September 2018. The claim will be discussed at a meeting of the Sixth Form Colleges’ NJC on 9 July.

National Joint Forum Letter - May 11th 2018

Joint letter from Andrew Harden and Leigh Powell Joint Secretaries NJF Trade Union Side in response to the Association of Colleges refusal to consider a joint trade unions claim for 2018/19 until their UCU members disputes are settled.
Motion #31
Tue, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference believes that a central plank of securing the status and quality of any profession is in the maintenance of a credible and consistent pay mechanism. In the FE sector this does not exist.

Motion #11
Mon, 2018
  • Kent

THAT Conference notes that the Association of Colleges is trailblazing a scholarship policy that should encapsulate conditions of pay, recognition and support for teachers and lecturers to engage in scholarly research. Some remission time should be ringfenced for this purpose.

T levels – we need your views

The National Education Union is very keen to hear the views of members on the government’s plans for T levels, which are to be fully implemented by 2022 .
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ELM December 2017

Effective Education, the National Education Union’s project to raise the profile of further education, primary assessment reforms, and the teacher supply crisis.

Association of Colleges makes final recommendation on FE pay in England

In response to the joint trade union claim for 2017/18, the Association of Colleges (AoC), has made a final recommendation of a 1% increase applied to all salaries, or the sum of £250 where this is more beneficial.