A voice in the education debate

ATL has a well-respected voice in the education debate because we provide considered analysis and alternatives on issues such as education funding, assessment, curriculum, academies and free schools.

We see the challenges facing the profession. Since 2010 there have been attacks targeted at the heart of state education, which have resonated across the entire education system – with no sector left untouched.

ATL's response to these challenges comes from you, our members. Focusing on the issues that matter to you most, we have campaigned:

  • to tackle excessive workload, one of the most serious issues facing the education profession
  • to protect teacher and local government pensions schemes across the UK
  • against proposals for regional and performance-related pay in England
  • successfully for a strategic education policy forum in Northern Ireland
  • to secure additional funding for pupils eligible for free school meals in Wales
  • against the pay and conditions changes imposed on supply teachers in Scotland.

And when reason has failed and we have needed to speak out for education, our members have taken industrial action to campaign for change.

For more information, visit ATL's policy and campaigns section.