Trans inclusion

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Motion #45
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference believes that many portrayals of trans people in the media over recent years can only be described as appalling. Consistently transphobic media coverage has highlighted the level of ignorance and the lack of understanding of trans people’s rights.

Too often the focus is on trans people’s transition. Society views trans people through a medical model, looking to ‘fix’ trans people rather than questioning society’s narrowly defined views on men, women, boys and girls. Many people fail to recognise how high levels of discrimination make it harder for trans people to gain and retain employment, access public services and thrive in schools and colleges.

Trans hate crimes do not have parity in the law with other hate crimes, there is no offence for stirring up hatred against trans people as there is for race, religion or sexual orientation.

The absence of legal protections makes it more difficult to challenge inappropriate behaviour or teaching and sends a clear message that trans issues are not given the same importance as others.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council:

(i) conduct research into the barriers trans teachers face to gaining employment/entering the profession/progressing their careers

(ii) disseminate clear, accessible guidance to schools and colleges so that they understand their duties under the public sector equality duty and the rights of trans people under the Equality Act 2010

(iii) work with other organisations to provide training for reps, district and branch secretaries, and regional officials on supporting trans members, and CPD for members on supporting trans students and challenging gender stereotypes

(iv) actively support trans educational professionals by enabling broader representation, awareness and visibility of trans people in union structures

(v) lobby Government for parity of hate crime legislation for all protected characteristics

(vi) lobby Government for implementation of the recommendations made by the Women and Equalities Committee Transgender Equality report for changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004

(vii) continue to lobby Government for statutory PSHE that includes trans issues and gender issues generally