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Profits are progressive

Politicians worldwide have in the past decades tried to improve their state-funded schooling systems by introducing more choice and competition. By introducing market forces, the idea is to ensure that bad schools either are forced to improve or go out of business and that good schools expand – creating a virtuous ‘race to the top’.

A school is a vital community resource, let's keep it that way.

The real damage to England’s schools following the reforms of the last twenty-five years is that they have become individual economic entities. When schooling starts to become a commodity, curriculum and pedagogy become commodities too.

Education Maintenance Allowance

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) provides financial support to help young people in low-income households stay on in education after 16.

Trust schools

'I want every secondary school to be a specialist school, a Trust school or an Academy, and every one of them should have a university or a business partner.' Ed Balls speaking on 14 December 2007 about the announcement that 300 schools have or are working towards Trust status.