Times tables? Yes. Multiplication check? No

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Motion #51
  • Executive Committee

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THAT Conference notes with concern that the new Year 4 online multiplication check will be introduced in the academic year starting September 2019, with very little support from education professionals.

Further, Conference believes that this test will do nothing to improve pupils’ understanding of maths. Instead it will:

(a) cause more anxiety for our eight- and nine-year-old pupils

(b) increase the time pupils spend on test preparation rather than real learning

(c) add to the workload of teachers and support staff Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council:

(i) lobby the Government to undertake and publish an impact assessment of this policy on:

a. the workload of support staff and teachers

b. schools, with regard to online access

c. SEND students.

(ii) research, with other unions where possible, what implementing the multiplication tables check will mean to schools

(iii) if the research supports it, campaign to stop the introduction of this assessment.