Teaching as a sustained career option

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Motion #2
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference notes with alarm the changing demographic of the teaching population, with fewer than half of current classroom teachers having more than 10 years’ experience. Conference also acknowledges the challenges faced by schools that are struggling to recruit and retain teachers; and, also, notes the detrimental impact on learners arising from constant turnover of teachers and the high proportions of inexperienced practitioners. Moreover, Conference notes that the recruitment and retention trends are beginning to shape the wider public perception of teaching as a temporary or transitory form of employment.

Conference instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council:

(i) research and publicise case studies that demonstrate where and how high rates of teacher retention have been secured

(ii) lobby Government to act, with a sustained strategy, on the barriers to teacher retention, and

(iii) work with the Government in promoting teaching as a sustained career option with a particular emphasis on ensuring that progression and promotion within the profession are seen as desirable, manageable and well rewarded.