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If you want to attract and retain teachers be more human and less corporate

Teachers are becoming gold dust, partly because there isn’t enough gold dust sprinkled into their pay packets to reward them for the job they do and the hours they work. 

It’s like coming home with a poor school report and the admonishment ‘must try harder’

One of AMiE's goals is to highlight what effective leadership looks like, to help raise the standard of leadership and management practice.

Government needs to give up the backseat driving

Politicians and practitioners ideally work together to take education on a shared journey so it doesn’t bode well that the two have significantly different views on the start point and what’s required to make it a successful trip.

The quality of courgettes

“What’s that got to do with the price of fish?” I think that’s what my mother used to say to me. There may be a new adage emerging though that’s got nothing to do with the price of fish and a lot to do with the quality of courgettes.

The teaching profession may be readier to take back control of school and college accountability than politicians may like

I spent this morning speaking in Birmingham at AMiE’s annual leadership seminar. The focus for the audience of school and college leaders was inspection.  Ultimately this meant getting tips and advice about how to survive and succeed – though I took the opportunity to challenge delegates as to whether the profession can itself lead a fairer alternative to Ofsted, that would better serve learners.