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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

The workload elephant has always been with us, but it just seems to keep growing, and it’s increasingly out of control.

Longer schooldays, exhausted students

Overtime is firmly embedded in UK working culture, according to a report from the Institute of Leadership and Management. 76% of those surveyed are routinely working late, with over half of us working at least an extra 7 hours a week in unpaid overtime. Many people are worried that if they're not doing the work they'll lose their jobs.

My week as an NQT - day 5

I think the stresses and strains of my first week had pinned me to my bed overnight; it was not easy getting up and in to the shower this morning.

My week as an NQT - day 4

I arrived at my school just before 8 this morning with a strange feeling of familiarity.

My week as an NQT - day 3

So it’s been and gone and I’ve lived to tell the tale. On my way in to school I had got myself in a positive mindset and promised myself that whatever happened, I would end the day smiling.

My week as an NQT - day 2

I arrived this morning considerably more worried about the state of my classroom and lack of planning for the week than when I left last night.

My week as an NQT - day 1

So the life of ‘Mr Evans’ has begun. Today was a day I didn’t really know how to feel about.