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Professor Bill Lucas will be giving a keynote speech at the ATL's FE conference 2015 in London on Friday 10 July.

Cridland's comprehensive demolition job on Tory education policy

John Cridland, director general of the CBI, cannot remotely be named or shamed as a member of the education ‘blob’.  And yet his speech to the Festival of Education is dynamite – and it is the current Conservative government’s education policies which he is exploding.

Why so tight-lipped? What Nicky Morgan wouldn’t say

Following her announcement that 1000 ‘failing’ schools would be converted into academies, Nicky Morgan was questioned repeatedly this morning about how many of those ‘failing’ schools are, in fact, academies.

And so it begins...

And so it begins - Nicky Morgan’s bonkers announcement that the leaders of ‘failing or coasting’ schools will have their headteachers removed and be forced to join an academy chain is bad policy making from an education secretary who is either naïve, or ignorant, or both.

We need an open dialogue about what 'evidence' is

Tucked away in the ‘evidence check’ documents in the Select Committee webforum is something I have always suspected might be the case.