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Value what is valuable - not just what is measurable.

ATL wants a broad, balanced curriculum which prepares young people for life. Here are three principles that should underpin a curriculum and assessment system.

Let's make the most of the choices we have

The Whole Education Network champions and shares innovative practice in education and supports the development of a curriculum offer that is “real, relevant and engaging” that not only will meet the conventional system demands but also develops wider skills and attributes too.

Engineers and teachers are uncomfortable bedfellows, it seems.

Question: Which two-word answer, according to the UK press, threatens the success of UK business, costs the engineering economy up to £27bn a year, is pushing pay up in the city and is delaying the building of new homes?

Great schools will find ways to teach key content that is relevant to the school

There are few more persuasive voices in global education at present than that of Andreas Schleicher. Those that have not heard of him will have, at least, heard of his creation some 20 years ago: the PISA tests.

A national curriculum should help children flourish

A school curriculum is not an end in itself, but a vehicle to realise further purposes. You would think, therefore, that those who devise a national curriculum would start by laying out in some detail what its aims should be.

Funding effective careers guidance – is another 'lost generation' a price worth paying?

The second of ATL’s series of pre-election policy debates asked if another ‘lost generation’ was a price worthy paying for a dearth of effective careers guidance.

Employers can’t continue to operate in a careers advice vacuum

We all have an image in our heads of what career guidance has meant to us as individuals. I have yet to find anyone who found it instrumental in their career choice as a child. I remember being told I was ideally suited to being a patent officer.

Careers advice should be more than glossy leaflets and free pens

It’s a shame to say that careers advice at school has so far only been an inconvenience to me, but it’s the truth. As a hardworking sixth former missing lessons to do online questionnaires and careers research just seems like a waste of time.

Good career guidance is the key to social mobility. But what does it look like?

Career guidance is the key to social mobility.  Well-off homes can tell their children about all the great opportunities open to them if they have the right qualifications.  But if no-one in your family has ever had a skilled job, how are you to know about these opportunities if the school doesn’t tell you?

A Grand National Curriculum?

The Government published its response to the National Curriculum consultation and the revised programmes of study last week. At a recent ATL meeting, one of our members described the proposed new National Curriculum framework as a Grand National for kids.