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Don’t tell me I have low expectations

Teachers care passionately about their pupils and strive to close the education achievement gap, but their job becomes more difficult as inequality and poverty levels rise – as they will under Conservative party policies

You can’t learn when you are cold, hungry and worried about where you will sleep

In 2014, there were over 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK. That is 28% of all UK children - or for those of us in education, 9 children in every class of 30.

Looking beyond schools for the solution to social mobility issues

The UK government’s recent report on social mobility and child poverty concludes, from a strong and extensive range of evidence, that schools account for around 20% of the variation in attainment between children.

Is there a culture of low aspirations among low income young people and families?

Politicians and the media repeatedly cite low aspirations as a major barrier to young people achieving in education. A programme of research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation examined the role of children and parents’ attitudes, aspirations and behaviour in shaping their educational outcomes.