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Clock is ticking for Ofsted on FoI requests

On June 30, ATL submitted a Freedom of Information (FoI) request regarding the failure of 1,200 inspectors to pass Ofsted's rigorous new assessment process.

Ofsted has become a weapon of fear and terror - it's time for a different approach

In private, and off the record, politicians of all political persuasions will admit that Ofsted is no longer, if it ever was, the key to  raising  educational standards.

Ofsted must re-think the way it collects and uses evidence during inspection

Mary Bousted blogged well last year about the inadequacies of Ofsted quality assurance systems. I'd like to look at one of the fundamental problems with Ofsted’s methodology for collecting and using evidence during inspection.

Shorter inspections will end the stressful ‘cliff-edge’ experience for schools

The title of next Tuesday's debate is "What’s the top priority: inspection or improvement?"

Teachers don’t want Ofsted to be popular, they just want it to be valid, fair and reliable. It's not.

Sir Michael Wilshaw should not be worried that Ofsted is unlikely to win any popularity contests. Teachers and school leaders set a low bar for the agency. They merely want the school accountability system to be valid, fair and reliable. Yet, Ofsted is none of these things.

Ofsted’s deckchairs – and hoping a Titanic problem will disappear

ATL members' deep concerns about the current inspection regime mean we are engaging seriously with the changes put forward in the Ofsted consultation for a common inspection framework in education, published this morning,