Same grade, same pay, same workload?

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Motion #14
  • Durham

THAT Conference recognises all the hard work our support staff members across all sectors are doing, but is alarmed by the discrepancies in expectations and workloads that they are facing. Support staff who are working on the same pay scale are reporting that expectations vary massively from workplace to workplace. In Durham, some higher level teaching assistants are taking whole classes for 10% of their week and others up to 80%, yet these members are on the same grade and same pay. Both teachers and support staff are being let down.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council:

(i) continue to advocate the Ofsted mythbuster to schools and workplaces

(ii) work with branches to ensure that members know how to access support to enable them to speak up when management expectations are unreasonable

(iii) carry out further research upon the expectations of staff where we have highlighted workload issues and investigate if those expectations have any impact upon children’s attainment.