Put an end to hate crime

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Motion #31

THAT Conference is very concerned by the Home Office data that indicates that the number of hate crimes in England and Wales in 2015-16 was up 19% on the previous year with 62,518 offences recorded by the police. Of these, 79% were motivated by race hate, 12% sexual orientation, seven per cent religion, six per cent disability and one per cent were transgender hate crimes. (Some crimes are recorded in more than one category.)

Furthermore, Conference is alarmed by the 41% increase in hate crimes in the months that followed the Brexit vote in June 2016, and is concerned that hate speech designed to incite violence or hatred against a group of persons or member of such a group defined by a protected characteristic has become more common (particularly on social media).

Conference abhors hate crime and believes that young people need to be educated that noone should suffer harassment or abuse because of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or religion. Conference believes that diversity should be celebrated and everyone deserves to be able to learn, work and socialise without being subjected to remarks about their appearance, intelligence or capability.

Conference calls upon the Executive Committee to:

(i) continue to lobby the Government for mandatory PSHE and age-appropriate SRE in the curriculum

(ii) lobby the Government to produce updated guidance that includes discussion of hate crime and encourages critical thinking

(iii) raise awareness of the discrimination faced daily by many people and the urgent need to educate to build a culture of tolerance and respect

(iv) work with other organisations to exchange best practice and to provide CPD and resources to assist members to educate young people to recognise and challenge hate crimes and hate speech wherever they occur.