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Send My Friend to School

Over twenty charities and education unions, including the National Education Union, work together as the GCE UK coalition to deliver the Send My Friend to School campaign and undertaking parliamentary and advocacy work to remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

TUC Dying To Work campaign

The Dying to Work campaign would like to see terminal illness recognised as a ‘protected characteristic’ so that an employee with a terminal illness would enjoy a ‘protected period’ where they could not be dismissed as a result of their condition.

A New Vision for Inspection in Further Education

Following on from our successful vision for inspection in schools, ATL has produced A New Vision for Inspection in Further Education.

A vision for inspection

ATL believes it's time for a radically different approach to school inspection.

Grammar schools and selection

The government's green paper, 'Schools That Work for Everyone', is a misguided attempt to return selection into the English schools system. ATL remains opposed to any further expansion of selection.

Contact your MP about forced academisation

At a time when we have a lack of school places, qualification chaos, a lack of school leaders and head teachers, a teacher recruitment and retention crisis, as well as a crisis in teacher workload, ATL is concerned that the government is focusing on the type of schools and who runs them with this rush to academisation rather than trying to address these issues which will have a direct impact on children's education.

CPD and workload

Many work-life balance issues can be addressed partly through training and development.

Workload - It's About Time

Excessive workload is one of the most serious issues facing the education profession.

Passage of the Education and Adoption Bill

The Education and Adoption Bill is now an Act having finished its passage through Parliament in February.

Ofsted: mythbusters every teacher and leader need to know

ATL's approach of debate not demand has secured an official memo from Ofsted setting out a list of paperwork and practices which inspectors DO NOT require schools to provide as part of the inspection process.