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12 May 2015
We want education policy making to be above politics and based on research into what works along with professional consensus.

We call for the establishment of an independent education policy commission made up of leaders from the education sector, the business community and the research community, producing written reports with research-informed recommendations for policymakers, the Minister and the Education Committee firmly based on professional consensus which should take precedence over party-political positions.

  • Children and young people need a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on skills development as well as academic excellence and prepares them for life.
  • Young people need a stake in society. The transition from school to tertiary education and work must be helped through financial support and excellent independent careers information and guidance.
  • Public money for the education of children and young people should not be used to segregate young people where that is not their choice.
  • Education professionals need better initial education and a better working life with a contractual right to Continuous Professional Development.
  • Teachers need an end to excessive working hours and the creation of a genuine career path through a fair pay structure.
  • Schools need a proper accountability system based on collaboration and support, with local inspection arrangements and a new role for ETI.

You can download the ATL NI manifesto here.

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