NEU (ATL section) Support Staff Conference 2018

The 2018 NEU (ATL section) Support Staff Conference will take place on Saturday 10 March in Central London. On the day, NEU's ATL section president Niamh Sweeney will get us going, followed by NEU joint general secretary Mary Bousted, who will talk about 'the NEU and support staff'.


There will be an opportunity for members to attend two out of three professional development workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon:

  1. “How to say no” and “the things to say no to”, with Caroline Holmes, a teacher and trainer who has been working on the ATL rep and CPD programme for many years. She helped found the R.E.D. (Research, Education & Development) learning co-op after leaving Ruskin College in March 2017. 

    Ever wanted to say 'no' at work but didn't know how? We've all been there. This workshop will help you feel more confident and learn that 'no' can be just as valuable a word as 'yes'. You'll explore techniques and pick up tips so you no longer feel bad when wanting to say 'no'.

  1. Employment Rights Update, with Elizabeth Doherty and David Rommer, Solicitors from the NEU (ATL Section) Legal Team.
  2. Managing Challenging Behaviour, with Robin Launder, Founder - Behaviour Buddy.

    Robin’s 90-minute session will give an overview of the current research regarding behaviour management and – most importantly of all – specific strategies for dealing with misbehaviour, including how to prevent it, how to stop it should it start, and how to stop it reoccurring.  

    You will almost certainly laugh out loud during Robin’s presentation. You might even cry a bit too. But either way, you’ll learn some important skills to handle the most difficult part of working in schools. His session is not to be missed.

All three sessions will be interactive and provide practical strategies, tips and techniques to take back to the workplace.

In between the CPD sessions lunch will be served. This will provide an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow support staff from around the country, as well as talk with NEU (ATL section) officials and members of NEU’s Support Staff Members’ Advisory Group (SSMAG).

The day will conclude with a Q&A session with Peter Morris, NEU National Official for Support Staff, and Graham Easterlow, lead Executive member for support staff and Chair of SSMAG.

The Conference is FREE to attend, and travelling expenses will also be paid.

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This event is now fully booked

If you have any queries in relation to the Conference, please contact Peter Morris