Sixth Form Colleges pay offer rejected by staff

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30 October 2017 by ATL
The Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA), the colleges employers’ national body, have offered a pay increase of 1% on all scale points and allowances from 1 September 2017. The Staff Side have rejected this offer and asked the SFCA to go back to its colleges and meet with the Staff Side again to make a higher offer. 

We agreed to work jointly to gather information on pay and pay progression before we meet again, and to continue discussions on possible further joint guidance on workload and working time.

We advised the SFCA that we regard the increases in school teachers’ pay ranges - 2% for the Main Pay Range and 1% for all other pay ranges - as an absolute minimum floor for discussions on sixth form college teachers’ pay.  Without at least a comparable increase to schools, the pay comparability achieved by the new pay structure would be eroded, and recruitment and retention in sixth form colleges would become an increasing problem.   We also drew attention to the fact that the situation on public sector pay was changing rapidly, with a move away from the public sector pay cap.

We have asked our members in sixth form colleges to say what action they may be willing to take if we cannot persuade the SFCA to make an higher offer at the next negotiating meeting which is scheduled to be held in late November.