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All of ATL's workplace- and region-based newsletter and e-newsletters, in one place.
ATL Support
This issue takes a look back at the recent Support Staff Conference and Annual Conference, the 2017 Rep Award winners, and ATL's successful agreement with Coventry Schools.
Post-16 news
This issue looks at what the National Education Union means for post-16, Government FE plans in the Budget and the Skills Plan.
ATL Cymru
Meet the new ATL Cymru Director, Keith Bowen.
Being a Rep
This issue looks at the new DfE advice on workload, school cuts, pay, ATL summer rep conferences, 2017 rep award winners, working with cancer, new union and more.
Post 16 E-News
This issue includes information on pay for FE Colleges in England, new union, FE/MPs campaign, General Election 2017, ATL Post 16 Conference, and training courses.
Independent schools
This issue looks at new union, Annual Conference and driving school vehicles policies.
ATL Supply
Welcome to the latest edition of ATL Supply, the electronic newsletter for ATL’s growing number of members who work as supply teachers.
ATL Support E-News
This issue looks at the new SSMAG vacancy, what to expect at the Support Staff Conference and information about joining ATL at the 2017 London Pride event.
Being a Rep
The January 2017 issue of the Being A Rep newsletter.
ATL Support E-News
This issue includes information on attending annual Conference and the new English and maths GCSEs.