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24 April 2018 by NiamhMS
I always return to work after the Easter holidays a little more refreshed than after any other holiday.

It’s spring, the weather is better, the evenings are lighter and I’ve been motivated by my colleagues and friends at ATL annual Conference. Conference gives us great opportunities to collaborate, learn and develop as professionals. It makes me passionate to do more, be better and help others do the same. 

And that’s good because the summer term brings plenty of opportunity.

There’s a CPD revolution brewing, in the case of @BrewEd2017* quite literally.

Across the country education professionals are taking back control and owning the organisation of CPD. We are done with being called The Blob and of being told we aren’t doing enough to promote our profession. We own this great profession and we want to showcase what we’ve got, learn from others and support each other.

This was the initial motivation for organising the Cambridgeshire Festival of Education colloquially known as a #Flamingle. Planning is now well underway for the second event being held on June 9th - see or @CambsEdFest for details!

This is what inspired Cambridge Head Teacher Rachel Snape. “The educational landscape seems to be such a political and polarising place at the moment. For this reason, for the sake of the children and our colleagues, we must be the flamingos of hope rather than the lemmings of despair”  

The themes of the festival sit well with the vision of ATL and NEU –

  • Being human
  • Hopeful leadership
  • Creativity and learning
  • Agents of change
  • Mindfulness and wellbeing

Come along and be a #FlamingoOfHope you’d be a Lemming not to!

PS - the very first time I met Rachael she was busking with a Ukulele band in Cambridge city centre playing a very good version of one of my favourite cheesy ‘80’s songs Video Killed the Radio Star, so you can kind of picture the inspirational afternoon you’re in for. Get your ticket now!


*#BrewEd is a grassroots movement for teachers interested in pints and pedagogy, founded by @MrEFinch and @darynsimon 



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