What should the education landscape look like in 2020?

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20 November 2014 by Nansi Ellis
What should the education landscape look like in 2020? This is what we’ll be asking in our five, pre-election debates. These debates expand on key themes identified by our members and which shaped our manifesto.
  1. What’s wrong with making a profit from education?
    Will the £40+ billion state school budget be open to business under the next government? Would running schools for-profit increase educational segregation between rich and poor? Or is it time to end the outright ban on profit-making schools in the English education system?
  2. Funding effective careers guidance – is another ‘lost generation’ a price worth paying?
    At a time of rising youth unemployment, is funding careers guidance in a solely recovering economy a luxury or a necessity? Sir John Holman (Gatsby Foundation) and PwC will be just two of the big names at this debate.
  3. CPD – entitlement, requirement or necessity?
    What role should CPD play in teachers’ working life? How can we change the culture of CPD and how can we make it more effective? Should there be a requirement for teachers to continue to train throughout their career? And how do we ensure teachers are inspired and prepared to take on new roles?
  4. Curriculum and assessment
    How do we create an assessment system which supports higher standards of teaching and better learning? What’s the best way to create a broad –based national curriculum which focuses on skills development, and academic excellence, as well as preparing young people for life.
  5. Vision for accountability of the sector
    How can we create a positive inspection system that focuses on improving education for all children and young people?

We’ll be live tweeting the debate as it happens and we want you to get involved in the events using #shapeeducation hashtag. Follow us on Twitter for all the updates @ATLunion.

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