My week as an NQT - day 2

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03 September 2013 by ATL
I arrived this morning considerably more worried about the state of my classroom and lack of planning for the week than when I left last night.

I thought your ‘free-time’ was meant to help de-stress? Today was another relaxed inset day based around Ofsted, school marking policy and then some detailed safeguarding training. It was once again very useful and helped to put my mind to rest about a lot of things.

The afternoon was then spent in our classrooms and with my two colleagues in year 4 planning our week and filling me in with the timings of a normal school day. As the day progressed my worry about planning faded, but my worry about my classroom continued to grow.

I had been doing things for it all day, but it was not looking great. It was only in the last half an hour that it finally began to take shape. Tomorrow they arrive.

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