My week as an NQT - day 1

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02 September 2013 by ATL
So the life of ‘Mr Evans’ has begun. Today was a day I didn’t really know how to feel about.

I arrived at 7.15 to continue with the tidying and sorting of my room that I started on Friday, allowing me a good couple of hours before people arrived for our inset day. The inset started with introductions and progressed with behaviour policies, timetables and a discussion of the schools recent Ofsted report. It was a good, gentle introduction for myself and our merry bunch of NQTs (numbering 7 I believe).

Lunch involved a visit to a local cafe with a group of staff: a nice way to meet a few new faces. We then had an afternoon to tidy and sort our classrooms. So I’m now sat on the train home from my first day knowing the names of about 10 of the 60 or so staff, with a room that partially resembles a classroom, slightly less full of fear, slightly more confident I can do this and with one more inset day until my room fills with little characters.

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