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Press release
05 April 2017 by ATL
The results of the National Education Workforce Survey, carried out by the Education Workforce Council on behalf of the Welsh Government, have been published today.

Rachel Curley, Acting Director ATL Cymru said:

“The results of the National Workforce Survey confirm what ATL has been saying. They paint a stark picture of education professionals in schools and colleges struggling under unmanageable workloads, without the time or the funding to access fully the professional development they need.

This should be a wake-up call for Welsh Government particularly with such high numbers of school teachers and FE lecturers saying they intend to leave the profession in the next three years.

ATL members across Wales will want to know how the Welsh Government intends to respond to these findings. What urgent action will be taken to tackle the workload crisis in our schools and colleges and to ensure full access to training and development for all teachers, leaders, lecturers and support staff?”


Key findings from the Report

  • 88.3% of school teachers consider they are not able to manage their workload. For FE teachers this is 59.5%.
  • Full-time teachers are working an average of 50.7 hours per week. Full-time FE lecturers are working an average of 47.7 hours per week.
  • Only 25.8% of school teachers felt that they had full access to the professional development that they needed within the last year.
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