ATL comment on Sutton Trust report showing fewer young people aspire to attend university

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Press release
10 August 2017 by ATL Media Office
"It is no surprise that young people are unwilling to take on the huge debts now required to attend university, particularly since the average student leaves university with debts in excess of £50,000", says Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL).

Continuing, she said: "Many young people who have experienced their families’ financial struggles as children will be wary of taking on such a huge burden of debt.

"Cuts to university budgets have also affected widening participation programmes, so there is less money for outreach programmes to help disadvantaged young people aware of the opportunities in higher education. The increase in disadvantaged young people not applying for university is as a result of the Government abolishing maintenance grants for students from low-income homes, and allowing universities to put up their fees further if they reach agreed standards in teaching.”


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