ATL comment on State Pension Age (SPA) Review consultation response

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Press release
03 January 2017 by ATL Media Office
Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said: “In responding to the Interim Report of John Cridland’s State Pension Review and consultation, ATL asks the Government to break the link between the State Pension Age (SPA) and the Teachers’ Pension Scheme Normal Pension Age (NPA).

"The automatic link does not take into account the realities of working life in the education sector, nor actual scheme experience. Increasingly, our members are telling us that they need to leave their teaching posts before NPA, let alone SPA, for health and stress reasons, and this leaves quite a gap between leaving work and receiving a state pension.

“Public trust in the Government’s state pension policy is understandably low, with changes made and brought forward in the past. Pension planning must be genuinely long term, not continually tinkered with. Continually raising the SPA will have a terrible impact on some groups more than others: those in stressful and physically demanding jobs, those who live in areas where jobs are hard to find, and also the large numbers of people who give up work to provide childcare and elder care when these are so expensive for families to obtain. 

“ATL urges the Government to consider people’s quality of life and how an ever-higher SPA can work for society in practice, not just attempt to balance the books.” 

ATL’s response to the consultation can be viewed here.


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