ATL comment on EPI report on gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers

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Press release
03 August 2017 by ATL Media Office
Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), comments on the EPI Report: New analysis on gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

“This is yet another report that shows the Government is not doing enough to close the achievement gap between disadvantage pupils and their peers.

“The report demonstrates that the link between social demography and educational destiny has not been broken. There is still a huge distance between those at the bottom and those at the top in terms of earnings, life-chances, life-expectancy, and more. These aspects are what makes the difference in educational achievement. 

“The solutions do not lie entirely with schools; for the best results for young people, we must end child poverty and then go further to create a less unequal society. The Government therefore needs to address root causes of disadvantage as well as provide money for those services beyond schools that support children, young people and families.

“Rather than forcing continuous change in education, the Government should prioritise closing this gap. This will require sufficient funding and investment in trained, qualified staff in schools and colleges.”



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