Insurance protection

ATL members automatically receive insurance protection, including cover for personal accidents, loss of money or property at work and dental treatment.

From September 1 2017, this includes the following.

  • Personal accident cover - members are automatically insured for £10,000 against accidental death, permanent total disablement and loss of limbs or eyesight when such accidents occur at or on the way to or from work. A further maximum of £5,000 can be claimed for funeral expenses after a member's accidental death under the above circumstances, plus £200 for each dependant child at the time of death.
  • Loss or damage to, or theft of, property (maximum benefit payable £500) or theft/loss of cash (maximum £150) inside work buildings. Spectacles are covered anywhere within work grounds; bicycles if locked within work grounds. An excess of £25 applies to all claims.
  • Malicious damage to motor vehicles within the boundaries of the work establishment (maximum benefit payable £750). Damage caused by another vehicle is not covered, nor is theft of property from the vehicle. An excess of £50 applies.
  • Assault - members are covered against absence from work after injury following physical assault by any person at or on the way to or from work. £200 a week is payable for 4 weeks after the first 7 days of absence.
  • Dental treatment - if you require dental treatment as a result of assault or an accident that happened at work or travelling to or from work, a maximum benefit of £500 is payable. An excess of £25 applies, ie the first £25 will not be paid.
  • Hospitalisation - members hospitalised due to accidental bodily injury that occurred at work or travelling to or from work are eligible for a payment of £50 per day in hospital after the first 24 hours.
  • Coma - any member hospitalised due to accidental bodily injury which results in a continuous unconscious state is eligible for a further £50 per day after the first 24 hours, up to a maximum of 365 days, in addition to the hospitalisation benefit above.

We have also negotiated discounts on car, home and life insurance, as well as insurance for private work.

To find out more about making an insurance claim, call 020 7930 6441 or email us.