If you need support

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ATL values the contribution of its representatives enormously, and makes a wide range of support available.

In addition to resources, there is always someone to contact if you have a particular problem or query.

Ongoing individual support and advice

Branches: representatives will receive support and local information from their local branch secretaries, and invitations to attend meetings and share experiences with other reps and members in their locality. You can get contact details from the 'find my branch' drop-down menu on the bottom right-hand side column of this website.

General enquiries/legal advice: for all general enquiries or to speak to a member advisor on a legal or professional matter, call ATL's London office, tel: 020 7930 6441 or via email.

Membership enquiries: for information regarding member details, membership lists, membership categories, subscription rates and payment methods, contact the ATL section's membership department via our email contact form.

ATL helpline: don't forget the out-of-office-hours helpline. For details see our Need help now? section.

Meet our national officials

ATL's national officials provide specific advice and support for education professionals in independent schools and for support staff.


John Richardson, national official (independent sector)

John Richardson is responsible for taking a strategic overview of the independent sector. He liaises with major independent sector employers, and employers' associations, supporting national recognition agreements. John also leads on major campaign work, assists the Independent & Private Sector Advisory Group, and produces various newsletters and publications.

Peter Morris, national official (support staff)

Peter Morris acts as the central liaison point for all matters relating to ATL's support staff membership. He works with ATL's recruitment and organising department to support, manage and develop support staff member activity, and oversees the Support Staff Members Working Group. Peter also works with colleagues to represent and train support staff members, and briefs on developments in the sector through regular newsletters and meetings.


Norman Crowther, national official (post-16 education)

Norman Crowther acts as the point of contact for branches and reps who are dealing with issues in the post-16 education sectors, promotes ATL policy and practice with key stakeholders and is an advocate for members in the sectors. Norman previously worked as an ATL policy adviser developing and formulating ATL policy and representing members' views in the areas of further education and 14-19 reforms. He also worked as an FE lecturer and in secondary support.


Meet the organising team

If you want any advice on your role as a rep, or are interested in getting more involved, ATL's organising team works in the field to support and help members, reps and branches.

If you would like to contact any of the organising team, you can email them using our email contact form.


Collette Bradford, Director of organising

Collette's key responsibility is to lead, line manage and support the ATL section organising team, assistants and field based resources. As part of ATL's strategic management team Collette has developed the union's centre of excellence with regard to organising and recruitment, and has been instrumental in developing ATL's member facing campaigning elements including Shape Education and Work Load. In addition, Collette supports the activity of the ATL Future Steering Group managing national activity for new professionals and other member networks. 


Katherine Fry, senior organiser, Northern Region

Katherine champions organising in the region, liaising closely with other senior regional managers and local officers to identify local needs in the Northern region. She uses her knowledge and expertise to lead and manage delivery of national organising projects and campaigns, focusing on identifying activists, developing reps, raising the profile of the union, boosting membership density and maximising member engagement and learning. Katherine manages Christine Marshall, Lorraine Fisher and Richard Marshall and plans with her team how to effectively deliver strategic priorities across the region. She is the ATL Organising Team lead on the national school cuts campaign group.


Carly Doyle, senior organiser (North West)

Carly works with members, reps, districts and branches in the North West region and manages organising staff, resources and campaigns. Carly supports districts and branches to assess and build on their strengths leading on the development of plans and recruitment and organising activities locally. Carly believes reps are the most important link in the union structure and prioritises the recruitment, training and mentoring of reps from all sectors of membership. Carly has an interest in working with new professionals and organising members in academies. Carly manages Jon Leigh Pritchard and Laura Boyd.


Richard Marshall, Organiser (Northern)

Richard Marshall works as part of the Northern Regional organising team. Richard leads on the recruitment and development of the National Education Union (ATL Section) student and newly qualified members in the region, delivers a range of training and supports our new teacher activity. Richard also identifies and supports new reps and campaign activity, delivers CPD and facilitates conferences in the region. Richard has a keen interest in support staff, leadership and new professionals including school direct and teach first, having experienced being a new teacher himself. Richard has completed the TUC Organising Academy training, is a qualified teacher and has an ILM certificate in Leadership and Management.


Karl English, senior organiser (Midlands)

Karl supports ATL branches and manages organising resources and staff in the Midlands region. Karl delivers training and mentoring for ATL reps and supports them in their workplace campaigns including for workplace recognition. Karl works with the regional area associations and helps branches in the Midlands to improve their communication with reps members and encourages a member-led approach to organising branch activities across the region including engagement in ATL campaigns such as Shape Education. Karl is working closely with the Director of organising to improve ATL's offer for new professionals. Karl manages Danielle Campos and Rebecca Poorhady.


Danielle Campos, organiser (Midlands)

Danielle works as part of the Midlands regional organising team. Danielle visits reps and members in their workplaces and supports them with workplace issues and implementing the ATL Shape Education campaign. Danielle has completed her TUC organising academy training and she now recruits and develops activity for new professional members in the region. Students and newly qualified teachers, lecturers and support staff and works within the regional team to support new reps. Danielle works closely with others to support the ATL Future convenor and the work of the Midlands region and the national ATL Future Steering Group.


Helen Martin, senior organiser (South West)

Helen works with ATL branches and manages organising resources and staffing in the South West region. Helen develops events, communications and organises activity for ATL members and reps together with branches in the area. Helen helps branches to develop their outreach work and to prioritise their resources effectively. Helen also delivers training for ATL reps and branches. Helen has a special interest in organising in independent schools, training independent school reps and contributes to the development of the union's independent sector campaigns and activity. Helen manages Sandra Berry, Jayne Whistance and Chris Musgrave.


Jayne Whistance, Organiser

Jayne works as part of the South West organising team, recruiting and developing ATL members. She has a background in teaching EAL and supporting pupils with SEN and has worked in the independent and post-16 sectors, both in the UK and overseas. Jayne believes that organising around learning is a great way of bringing people together, as she discovered from her previous experience as a Union Learning Representative. She has a special interest in using social media for organising, as well as mentoring and motivating members employed on casual contracts.


Chris Musgrave, Organiser

Chris has a strong background in public and private sector trade unionism. He is a powerful advocate for worker's rights and is both an experienced and passionate campaigner. He has a proven track record of re-energising branch structures, identifying and developing new activists and fostering collaborative and innovative strategies to build union influence. In addition to recruiting, retaining and developing ATL members, Chris' special focus is building the South West ATL Futures network.


Jacinta Phillips, senior organiser (London and the South East)

Jacinta has responsibility for London and South East region and manages both staff and organising resources in the field. She supports branches to organise and develop activities for members and reps. She also works with ATL members to revitalise a number of branches in the area and delivers training for ATL reps. Jacinta regularly visits schools and colleges to meet with ATL members face to face and has delivered elements of the Shape Education Campaign. Jacinta has particular interest in reps and is involved in delivery of reps training and developing new ATL rep resources and materials. Jacinta manages Duncan Woodhead, Tim Brooks and Nell Andrew.


Nell Andrew, organiser (London and the South East)

Nell has a strong organising and equalities background and works in the London & South East organising team. Nell enjoys visiting members in their workplace to identify and develop new reps and renew branches. In particular, she leads on developing the regions organising opportunities and activity for trainee and new professional members including the ATL Future events and networking activity. Nell encourages reps and members to participate in ATL campaigns and regularly tweets from the regional team account.


Duncan Woodhead, organiser (London and the South East)

Duncan works as an organiser in the London and South East Regional team. Duncan identifies and develops school and college reps during his face to face visits and encourages members to get involved with ATL. He organises surveys, and delivers campaign work and events to support members with their workplace issues. Duncan also delivers the recruitment and organisation of student and newly qualified teachers and leads on ATL Future in the region, including working with School Direct trainees. Dunce also delivers training for new ATL reps and enjoys supporting them with their workplace campaigns.


Jon-Leigh Pritchard, organiser (North West)

Jon-Leigh works as part of the north west regional organising team and regularly visits members in schools and colleges to identify and support workplace reps. Jon-Leigh delivers a robust programme of student and NQ recruitment activity with colleagues in the region and he has also been successful in building relationships with ITT providers and delivering lectures to ATL's new professional members. Jon-Leigh develops ATL Future reps and supports local campaigning activity.


Simon Crisford, senior organiser (Eastern)

Simon works in the Eastern region. Simon has a training and learning background and brings this experience to his organising practice. With a keen interest in health & safety issues and H&S reps training Simon supports his branches to identify, engage and develop their reps and plan for succession. Simon delivers rep training alongside a range of regional briefings for reps and members. Simon supports ATL organising in targeted academy chains and is focussed on membership growth in his region. 


Rhys Martin, organiser (Eastern)

With personal experience of being a new professional rep himself Rhys has a keen interest in both recruiting and developing student and newly qualified members and reps. He leads on ATL Future member activity in the Eastern region. Rhys visits ATL reps and members in their workplaces and seeks to identify and develop new reps from all sectors of membership. Rhys also participates and represents the ATL organising team at Unions 21 events and enjoys sharing organising ideas.


Demelza Vasco-Kisimisi, organising team administrator

Demelza is the key point of contact for the organising team in the London office and provides administrative support for their key activities. She also liaises with branches on newsletters, events and promotional materials, arranges and attends student recruitment events and lectures alongside supporting both the ATL Future and branch relations committees.


Robert Goddard, organiser (Wales)

Robert works closely with the Wales Committee and branches in Wales to recruit, develop and organise members and lead campaign activity. Robert delivers training for reps, regularly visits workplaces to meet members face to face and organises ATL Future events for new professionals. Robert leads on the recruitment of student and newly qualified members in Wales and works with the director of organising on the informal activities and meetings for the national ATL Future Steering Group.


Alastair Donaghy, ATL Northern Ireland

Alastair works with Theresa Devenney to deliver student and NQ recruitment in Northern Ireland. Alastair leads on the recruitment and development of reps delivering member events, organising workshops and delivering training for ATL reps. Alastair has a dual role delivering case work support for members and has a special interest in pensions.


Theresa Devenney, ATL Northern Ireland

Theresa works with Alastair Donaghy and leads on the student and NQ recruitment and organising activity in Northern Ireland, as well as developing and mentoring the ATL Future network and delivering workshops and events for new professionals. Theresa organises activity for support staff and the NI annual lecture and delivers case work support for members.


ATL also has a team of regional organisers who specialise in learning activity, events and CPD for members. Find out who they are here.