Hope for the future

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Motion #36
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference notes, with profound sadness, the increasing incidence of suicide among young adults and teenagers and recognises that each such episode is a complex personal tragedy and that school or college can only ever be part of the narrative.

Conference questions, nonetheless, whether the cumulative experience of contemporary education – the curriculum content, the assessment framework, approaches to pedagogy, and other pervasive aspects of the system - is contributing to the lived experience of hopelessness.

Conference also considers whether policy-makers have become so preoccupied with content and outcomes, with performance and success, with progression and employability, that they have created a context in which, in the literal sense, there are those who have lost the will to live.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that, in assessing education provision for every context in all schools and colleges, the Joint Executive Council adopt as a benchmark whether the experience for learners is one that fosters hope for the future.