Honour-based abuse and child abuse related to faith and belief

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Motion #32

THAT Conference finds all forms of child abuse abhorrent and is very concerned about honour-based abuse practices such as FGM, forced marriage and breast-ironing. Child abuse related to faith and belief is also deeply concerning. Conference wishes to raise awareness of these practices and assist members to identify, report and educate about these forms of child abuse.

Conference therefore asks the Executive Committee to:

(i) raise awareness of honour-based abuse and child abuse related to faith and belief

(ii) produce guidance for members on how to recognise the signs of honour-based abuse and abuse related to faith and belief

(iii) promote the ATL factsheet on mandatory reporting of FGM that has recently been produced by the legal and member services department and encourages best practice of reporting

(iv) work with other organisations to provide CPD and resources to assist members to develop their skills and confidence to teach children about FGM and other abusive practices

(v) continue to lobby the Government for compulsory PSHE and age-appropriate SRE that includes this issue for all students.