Examination marking

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Motion #49
  • Wiltshire

THAT Conference is concerned about the consistency of examination marking for public exams. In particular, Conference is concerned about:

(a) the qualifications and experience of some exam-markers and the associated standards of exam-marking

(b) the escalating costs of re-marks to schools and individuals.

Conference is also concerned that these costs can often disadvantage students from less privileged backgrounds, especially when GCSE and A-level subjects can have multiple units that need paying for individually. Conference therefore believes the cost of re-marks is preventing some students from being able to secure places at their chosen university.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council work with other professional associations to:

(i) lobby for a system whereby the consistency and accuracy of marking ensures that the number of re-marks is significantly reduced

(ii) lobby for clear standards to be required so that examiners are adequately qualified to mark examination papers

(iii) seek to cap the cost of re-marks

(iv) ensure that funding is made available in schools to support disadvantaged students for remarking

(v) lobby the exam boards to publish the data on the success rates of re-marks

(vi) research and publish data on how much is spent on re-marks.