Local CPD

FREE Low-Prep, High Impact Teaching CPD

Cutting back on time spent planning and preparing lessons need not be at the expense of high-quality, high impact teaching.

Free Essex CPD - Behaviour Management

Disruptive student behaviour is as common as it is unwanted. It gets in the way of learning, leads to student dissatisfaction and affects teacher stress.

CPD for Support Staff - Mental Health for Students

For support staff across the board; primary, secondary and FE

Suicide and Young People

Guidance and advice on supporting and educating children on Suicide and Young People

The Essential Classroom: A Conference for New Professionals

National Education Union's New Professionals Network is convening a free, one-day conference for trainee and newly-qualified teachers in the North West.

Managing the Tricky Class: Practical Behaviour Management

Mastering behaviour management is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers, particularly those new to the profession. Delivered by Lisa Miller, a former teacher and now education consultant specialising in discipline and behaviour management, the session will cover both theory and practice to help you manage your students.

Working Positively and Effectively with Parents

Working positively and effectively with parents is essential for any successful teacher. This event is primarily for people working in the independent sector, however all are welcome.

Engaging the Disengaged: Reconnecting Students and Learning

Engaging the Disengaged is a though provoking and interactive event that looks at how educators can begin to engage and rekindle the interest of their students with their own learning. ​ Employing enjoyable, stimulating and student-led learning ideas, this event investigates how and why some students turn off to learning and how we can use a few simple ideas to reinvigorate our classroom learning environment.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

This engaging and hands on workshop explores the use of low cost resources in the classroom and how this can encourage your student’s creativity and help your learning spaces become more innovative.

Mindset: The Psychology of Leadership Success

Creating well-being, focus and better relationships through insight and fresh thinking