Engaging Black members

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Motion #47
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference wishes to clarify the meaning of Black as anyone who is a person of colour. This definition is important because it is not a term solely reserved for those of dark skin and principally from the African continent. This distinction is made in order to understand the unconscious bias faced by all people of colour.

The ATL section of the National Education Union must better facilitate representation of Black members to aim to ensure they are represented across union structures. Amplifying underrepresented voices must be a priority. All such members must be encouraged and supported to be more involved and actively informed that this is a union for them, listening to their concerns and representing their needs.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to:

(i) educate members about the term Black, why it is used and who it encompasses

(ii) ensure the active recruitment of underrepresented members

(iii) provide events to encourage activism and participation in elections and nominations for these members and engage more Black members both locally and nationally

(iv) encourage the concept of ally-ship so members use their influence to support people who are targets of oppression in their workplaces

(v) encourage schools and colleges to highlight the positive contributions the Black community has made to society and explore a less Eurocentric curriculum all year round, not just during Black History Month

(vi) work closely with AMiE to educate members about unconscious bias/social positioning and address the underrepresentation of Black people in leadership positions.