Tim Jefferson

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Motion #50
Wed, 2018
  • Norfolk

THAT conference instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council carry out research into the extent to which the falsification of data is being used to wildly inflate grades, and the impact this is having on target-setting, league ta

Motion #26
Tue, 2018
  • Norfolk

THAT Conference recognises that teachers and support staff often provide class resources from their own personal finances due to the cuts in funding to schools, and recognises that with the reduction in value of teachers’ salaries in real terms, this is no longer viable or acceptable.

Motion #13
Mon, 2018
  • Norfolk

THAT Conference recognises the impact that the dissemination of programmes of study, the creation of schemes of work, mid-term schemes of study and lesson plans place on the workload of our members, and in most cases this produces a tripling of work.

Motion #7
Mon, 2017
  • Norfolk

THAT Conference recognises the work of ATL in highlighting the many issues with school and academy funding.

Conference instructs the Executive Committee to lobby Government to ensure that the salaries and expenses of chief executive officers in education trusts are not excessive.