Clare Kellett

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Motion #34
Tue, 2018
  • Executive Committee

Delete from ‘produce’ in the last paragraph to the end of the motion and replace with:

(i) commission guidance and advice for parents and education professionals, which includes: • the legal timelines for each part of the EHC plan and annual review processes

Motion #1
Mon, 2017

Delete first paragraph up to and including ‘and’ and replace with:

Motion #28
Tue, 2017
  • Somerset

THAT Conference calls upon the Executive Committee urgently to address the needs of staff and students who are seeing their support structures crumbling, by:

Motion #25
Mon, 2017

THAT Conference calls upon the Executive Committee to:

(i) investigate the prevalence of clauses in contracts and codes of conduct claiming copyright over any material produced by members

(ii) develop up-to-date policy to reflect the law and to give clear guidance to members