Relationships with colleagues

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02 November 2016
The relationships you form with your mentor, staff, students, parents and governors can make all the difference in the early stages of your career.

As a student or new teacher, you are trying to make a good impression, understand the school culture and work out who's who. Here are a few points to help with this:

  • Take your time – you don't have to suss everyone out.
  • Well-established staff can sometimes feel threatened by change or new ideas.
  • Acknowledge the skills and expertise of your more experienced colleagues, but don't forget that your view matters.
  • Have the confidence to voice your ideas and suggest improvements, but remember to tread carefully.

You not only need to get to know your colleagues but also the complex network of relationships that exists. Help and guidance may come from unexpected sources. Working out how the staff relate to each other is invaluable, especially teaching and support staff.

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