QTLS recognition in schools (England)

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Rights and conditions
02 November 2016
From 1 April 2012, those teachers holding Qualified Teacher Learning Status (QTLS) must be recognised as qualified teachers in schools in England. The pay and conditions of QTLS teachers working in English schools must now be subject to the provisions of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).

QTLS holders must be paid on the appropriate point of the qualified teacher pay spine with effect from 1 April 2012.

The STPCD states that on becoming qualified an unqualified teacher must be moved to the point on the qualified teachers' pay scale. Any allowance or safeguarded sum must be taken into account when calculating your new salary.

You may be able to negotiate placement higher on the qualified teacher pay spine with your head teacher in recognition of any teaching experience.

Additional payments

As a qualified teacher you are entitled to be paid teaching and learning responsibility payments (TLRs) if appropriate. You should check the school pay policy and staffing structure to see if your post is eligible for a TLR payment.

You are also eligible, providing you meet the criteria, for the award of a special educational needs (SEN) allowance.


There is no requirement for you to undertake a period of induction as a result of your change of status from unqualified to qualified. The professional verification associated with the award of your QTLS replaces the need for induction.


Your head teacher should decide which professional standards to assess your performance against. You may be assessed against the teacher standards as outlined in the STPCD; however, the school may decide that other professional standards are more appropriate (ie those issued by the IfL).


Following the closure of the GTCE, the Teaching Agency has taken over the disciplinary arrangements for any teacher employed in a school, academy, or sixth form college. QTLS staff working in schools will be regulated by the Teaching Agency.

QTLS from December 2013 will be a legacy award. This means if members have attained QTLS they are entitled to parity with QTS holders in maintained schools in regard terms and conditions.

The ET Foundation is now the conferrer of QTLS and intends to offer it in December 2014. Subject to legislative changes QTLS will continue to have parity with QTS in maintained schools as conferred by the ET Foundation. See the ET Foundation website for news.