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08 February 2017
ATL provides a whole range of training courses for new and existing reps. All courses take place in a friendly and supportive environment and are designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be an effective rep.

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ATL will meet all reasonable travelling and subsistence costs incurred in attending rep's courses, including overnight accommodation if necessary.

Click through the links below for more information about each course, including course dates and how to book a place.

For an overview of what's on offer, see the ATL's guide for reps.

Being a workplace rep

The National Education Union is currently piloting a new, three-day, rep foundation course. This course is currently available in the Midlands (Birmingham) and South West (Bristol) Regions and will go nationwide in the new year.

There are Induction sessions available in the upcoming Autumn term. If you have any questions about rep training, please contact our team

  • Induction: the one-day Induction covers the role of the rep and the support that is available to you, and gives you a chance to meet other new reps in your region.

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Being a health and safety rep

This course is for all new health and safety reps as well as workplace reps and branch officers who have an ATL responsibility for health and safety or just want to know more. Many issues that members face in the workplace, for example workload, have a health and safety perspective. You will gain an understanding of the legal rights an ATL health and safety rep has, identify some of the health and safety legal duties on employers, and consider how to organise around tackling H&S issues in the workplace.

The course is a three stage course (one day per term).

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Being a union learning rep

This course is for all new and existing union learning reps as well as workplace reps and branch officers who have an ATL responsibility for union learning or just want to know more. The course will cover what the role involves and your legal rights, promoting the value of and access to learning and skills within the workplace for members and staff, working with employers, and organising in the workplace around learning issues. For more information, see the ULR section.

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Reps' equalities training

This one day course is for all reps who are interested in exploring equalities issues in the workplace. It might be that you are interested in being an Equality Rep in your workplace or branch, or you might just want to just feel more confident about handling equalities issues in your rep role. The course will cover the law, how to identify equality issues and give support to members, and how you can get more involved in ATL's equality work.

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Follow on training for workplace reps

These courses are for all workplace reps who have completed the induction and three stage course, but at the very minimum have completed three out of the four days training. These courses are also open to branch and district officers.

  • Handling a disciplinary case: This two day course will enable you to develop the knowledge and confidence to support members through a disciplinary process.
  • Dealing with capability issues: This one day course will take an in-depth look at advising and representing ATL members in relation to capability issues around performance.
  • Dealing with workplace ill health and sickness absence: This one day course will look at advising and representing ATL members in relation to ill health and sickness absence, while aiming to develop an organising approach around issues.
  • Dealing with redundancies: This one day course will help you to feel more confident about handling individual and collective redundancy situations in the workplace.

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Time off for training

School and college representatives, including health and safety and union learning representatives, have a statutory entitlement to time off with pay, during working hours, for training related to the role.

To help you secure both time off and financial support from your employer, we have produced guidance on your rights to time off, how to request training from your employer and your rights if your request is refused.

If you encounter any problems securing paid time off, please contact the training team at ATL.