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03 November 2016
Whether your school is considering academy status, has already been given the go-ahead to convert, or is already an academy, ATL has produced resources to support you in your role as ATL rep.

Education white paper

The government's white paper 'Educational Excellence Everywhere' outlines plans for significant change in England's schools which ATL believes will lower education standards.

ATL is keeping up the pressure on the Government to drop the white paper's plan over:

  • the continued threat of academisation despite no evidence that academies raise standards more than local authority schools
  • the loss of parents on governing bodies, especially since the Education and Adoption Act removed the right of parents to be consulted as to whether to academise and which sponsor would take their school
  • the move to school-by-school training and accreditation, with the loss of QTS and the end of teaching as a graduate profession, leading to a wide range of standards and likely deskilling around pedagogy, child development and SEND
  • the creation of school-by-school pay and conditions, possibly without a national structure to guide leaders so distracting them from the core purpose of teaching and learning, certainly with funding cuts forcing difficult decisions, and definitely the end of a recognisable career path for staff.

Find out more about how to make your voice heard about the government's latest plans for education.

Converting to an academy

ATL supports all members, regardless of the status of their school.

We believe any school considering converting should carefully consider the risks and go through a full consultation process with all stakeholders. We also believe no school should be forced to convert.

For more details of this aspect of our work on academies, see our academies campaign page.

Alternatively, click on the links below for dedicated advice on your situation if your school:

You can check if your school is applying for academy status by contacting ATL.

What reps can do

The first thing you should do is read ATL's academies checklist and distribute ATL's academies FAQs.

Click on the links below for details of what you can do if your school is:

You can check if your school is applying for academy status by contacting ATL.

Academy recognition agreements

ATL has recognition agreements with a number of academy sponsors, including OASIS Community Learning, Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), Harris Federation and Edutrust Academies Charitable Trust (EACT).


Interested in becoming a rep?

If you are interested in becoming a rep see the Being an ATL rep page.

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