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ATL trust fund

This factsheet provides a guide to ATL's Trust Fund, a charitable fund formed to give confidential support and financial assistance to members.

Violence, threatening behaviour and abuse

This practical, easy-to-use guide gives all the advice you need on dealing with violence, threatening behaviour and abuse in an education setting.

Lesson observations in FE colleges

This factsheet covers lesson observations at an FE college including ATL's good practice guide ATL's factsheets are frequently updated and are not available to order as hard copies.

Classroom observations: support staff

This factsheet offers advice on observation by colleagues and others of support staff in schools ATL's factsheets are frequently updated and are not available to order as hard copies.

Working part time after maternity

ATL receives many enquiries from female members employed on full-time contracts who wish to return to work part time after maternity leave.

Private tuition factsheet

This factsheet covers frequently asked questions about private tuition, from whether a written contract is needed to how much to charge.

School closures and change of status

This factsheet advises you of your employment rights if your school closes or its status changes.

Class sizes

This factsheet provides information about the rules on class sizes and exceptions to those rules.

Job hunting

Job hunting can be a stressful process but this ATL factsheet aims to make it easier by answering your common questions on the subject, from interviews to the resignation letter.

Summer schools

This factsheet aims to provide clear, practical guidance on summer schools and your rights and obligations in taking part in them.