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Restructuring in colleges, schools and academies: handling change with care

Changing how an organisation operates so it can stay ahead of the times, or turning around a struggling school or college, can be incredibly challenging

Workload factsheet

ATL receives many calls from members concerned about their workload and asking how they can achieve a reasonable work-life balance. We believe staff are able to give their best if they have a reasonable work-life balance.

Stress factsheet

Second only to those working in the health and social care field, education staff are among the most stressed workers in the land.

Time management factsheet

The modern concept of time management is the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities.

Taking students off site

This popular guide will help teachers and lecturers plan a safe and successful off-site school trip.

Assertiveness factsheet

Assertiveness is a great skill for teachers, lecturers and support staff.

CPD factsheet

ATL wants to help its members develop professionally and personally throughout the course of their careers.

Pupils' families factsheet

There is, nowadays, an expectation that your relationships with pupils' family members will extend beyond the traditional school report and so-called parents' evening.

Bullying at work

Members of ATL have the right to work in a climate of respect; they should not be subject to intimidating, hostile or humiliating treatment.

Understanding the Prevent Duty

This factsheet outlines the Government's Prevent duty and gives advice on its implementation.