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Teachers as collaborative professionals

Working collaboratively underpins many of the changes that are taking place in today's education system.

Gender in education 3-19: a fresh approach

This publication draws together ground-breaking research, which aims to challenge the damaging consequences of well over a decade of neglect of equalities issues.

It's like mixing colours

Written and researched by Eileen Carnell, this study from 2004 sought to discover what young people think of their learning within the key stage 3 national strategy environment in Year 8.

Grades of uncertainty

A review of the uses and misuses of examination results.

Strategy or strait-jacket?

Teachers' views on the English and mathematics strands of the key stage 3 national strategy.

Right from the start: early years education, policy and practice

Written for anyone with an interest in early years education, this publication provides information about developments in early years services and sets out ATL's priorities for early years policy and practice

Work, Work, Work

A research report in two parts, published before and after students' exams.