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Subject to change: new thinking on the curriculum

The school curriculum goes to the heart of our conception of ourselves as a civilised society.

Coming full circle: new Labour and primary education

This ATL commissioned research, which revisited 50 primary schools that were previously studied in the early 90s, provides detailed insights into the impact of New Labour's education policies on Key Stage 2.

Race equality and education

Racial inequalities in the UK educational system have persisted for too long.

Supporting education: the role of higher level teaching assistants

This publication brings together relevant national guidance on higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) and real-life examples, offering a picture of HLTAs working with teachers to support high quality learning and teaching

New teachers, owed or owing? The myths and reality of debt for newly qualified teachers

This research report from 2005 finds strong evidence of the effect of student financing arrangements on teacher recruitment.

Diverse futures, equal chances: funding ethnic minority achievement in education

ATL commissioned this report from the Institute for Public Policy Research to examine issues around the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG) and put forward recommendations for improvement.

A learner's curriculum: towards a curriculum for the twenty-first century

A learner's curriculum is a vision of the future where teachers are trusted as knowledgeable and skilled professionals, working, learning and reflecting collaboratively, to best meet the needs of learners.

Standards in English primary schools: are they rising?

Standards are too important and too value-laden to be left to the whim of government ministers, says ATL.

An intelligent look at emotional intelligence

As attitudes shift to a more human and humane view of what education should be about, Professor Guy Claxton provides a timely and thought-provoking critique of emotional intelligence and emotional literacy, issues which are gaining increasing currency and popularity.

Teachers and government: a history of intervention in education

In this publication, Professor Michael Bassey has written an historical explanatory account of how teaching was seen by politicians in the second half of the 20th century.