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TPS 2007: early retirement and the state pension

This pension factsheet describes how to ensure that National Insurance contributions are continued after early retirement to ensure eligibility for a state pension.

TPS 2007: premature retirement compensation

This pension factsheet sets out details on how to gain access to premature retirement compensation if you are made redundant or if your employment is terminated 'in the efficient discharge of the employer's function'.

TPS 2007: re-employment after retirement

This factsheet demonstrates how taking up certain kinds of employment after drawing your pension could affect the benefits you received from the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

TPS 2007: national insurance modification

This pension factsheet explains how and why National Insurance modification can be deducted at the state retirement age.

TPS 2007: part-time and supply teaching, and part-time lecturing pensions

This pension factsheet outlines the action part-time and supply teachers should take to make their service pensionable, and illustrates how the resulting pension is calculated.

TPS 2007: guaranteed minimum pensions

This pension factsheet which reveals how pension increases are paid to your guaranteed minimum pension from different sources when you start to receive your state pension.

TPS 2007: calculation of pension benefits

This pension factsheet unpicks the formulae used to calculate Teachers' Pension Scheme awards, which are based on length of service and pensionable salary.

TPS 2007: repayment of withdrawn pension contributions

This pension factsheet offers advice to teachers and lecturers who have withdrawn Teachers' Pension Scheme contributions, with guidance on how to make repayments.

Taking a drop in salary

This factsheet provides information on how to protect your pension benefits when your wage decreases.