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TPS 2007: actuarially reduced benefits and phased retirement

This pension factsheet explains how your benefits will be reduced if you retire between the ages of 55 and 60 years without having been awarded premature or ill-health retirement, and issues surrounding phased retirement.

Learning: a sense-maker's guide

This book is not merely about making sense of learning.

The future of state education

ATL's thought-provoking research publication shows how the coalition government's policies mean that everything you value about the state education system may soon disappear.

A is for austerity

ATL Future has the future of the teaching profession and the education of young people at the heart of all we do.

A guide to tax

Clear and concise guidance - presented in a question and answer format - on the tax position of education staff.

TPS 2007: improving your pension prospects

A pension factsheet setting out ways of improving your pension prospects, including investing your spare cash in the Teachers' Pension Scheme and buying into the teachers' Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme.

TPS 2007: approaching retirement

This pension factsheet provides a guide to what to do on approaching your retirement, including how to apply to ensure that your benefits are paid on time.

TPS 2007: death benefits and survivor's pensions

A pension factsheet aimed at teachers, lecturers and support staff currently in service or recently retired, which explains how death benefits can vary due to circumstances at the time of death.

TPS 2007: leaving teaching or lecturing but not retiring

This pension factsheet explains how benefits can be preserved in the Teachers' Pension Scheme if you leave teaching or lecturing, and how benefits can be transferred to another pension scheme.

TPS 2007: ill-health retirement

This pension factsheet provides valuable information on applying for ill-health retirement, the rules by which it is awarded and how benefits are calculated.