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Returning to work after sickness absence

This factsheet answers commonly asked questions about returning to work after sickness absence.

ATL's charter for education

The voices of education professionals must be the driving force for educational improvement and development.

Working in an academy

ATL's guide for members working in an academy.

Guide to mentoring

ATL's NQ members frequently report that the quality of the relationship they have with their mentor at the beginning of their career is key to the success and worth of their induction experience.

Pensions auto enrolment

This factsheet aims to provide clear, practical guidance on auto enrolment into TPS and other pension schemes.

The middle tier: a voice from the profession

The middle-tier debate illustrates the now traditional obsession of national politicians with secondary school structures.

Classroom observation

This factsheet sets out clear guidance on what ATL believes the arrangements should be for classroom observation in England and Wales.

Ensuring a safe journey on school bus trips

This factsheet aims to provide clear, practical guidance on some of the main factors to consider when planning a school trip or education visit, including risk assessment, the use of public transport and school minibuses.

Childcare vouchers

This recently updated factsheet contains general advice on childcare vouchers.

Support staff job descriptions and job evaluation

This factsheet explains how to change job descriptions and get your job re-evaluated.