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TPS 2007: calculation of pension benefits

This pension factsheet unpicks the formulae used to calculate Teachers' Pension Scheme awards, which are based on length of service and pensionable salary.

TPS 2007: repayment of withdrawn pension contributions

This pension factsheet offers advice to teachers and lecturers who have withdrawn Teachers' Pension Scheme contributions, with guidance on how to make repayments.

TPS 2007: approaching retirement

This pension factsheet provides a guide to what to do on approaching your retirement, including how to apply to ensure that your benefits are paid on time.

TPS 2007: don't gamble with your pension!

This pension factsheet explains the advantages of the Teachers' Pension Scheme over a personal pension plan.

TPS 2007: pensions increases

This pension factsheet describes how cost of living increases are applied to your Teachers' Pension Scheme pension.