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ABC Guide

Our pocket guide for new members.

Managing classroom behaviour

Behaviour management is a key issue for everyone involved in the provision of education.

Taking students off site

This popular guide will help teachers and lecturers plan a safe and successful off-site school trip.

Restructuring in colleges, schools and academies: handling change with care

Changing how an organisation operates so it can stay ahead of the times, or turning around a struggling school or college, can be incredibly challenging

Bullying at work

Members of ATL have the right to work in a climate of respect; they should not be subject to intimidating, hostile or humiliating treatment.

Part-time working

This booklet advises you of your rights and responsibilities as a part-time worker or if you wish to reduce your hours to work part time.

Assessment literacy for wise decisions

The publication of this fourth edition could not occur at a more critical time.

Job sharing

Job sharing can improve flexibility in the workplace and help to retain staff.

Leading to outstanding teaching and learning

This publication, which is part of our Outstanding Performance series, is full of useful tips, techniques and approaches based on research identifying successful practice in schools and colleges